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An Introduction to Swan Centers

Swan Age Reversal Centers is unlike any other business, because we use a unique combination of custom-made aesthetic devices, proprietary serums and skin care products that can only be found in our offices…

We offer welcoming locations and we are committed to one thing, and that is helping you look younger, thinner, more vibrant, effortlessly, painlessly and with no downtime in a discreet and relaxing atmosphere.

Our staff is certified as the best in the business and will expertly administer your treatment, so when you leave our offices, you will look and feel years younger.

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Dr. Michael G. Barile

Dr. Michael G. Barile

Swan Age Reversal Centers staff and treatments are overseen by Medical Director, Dr. Michael G. Barile. Even though, our services are are aesthetic and not medical, we utilize Dr. Barile’s twenty years of experience to help guide our staff with client heath questions pertaining to the services that we provide. For instance, when a client comes into our offices and have health issues that may comprise the effectiveness of the requested treatments, we will consult with Dr. Barile to ensure that it is safe for the client to do treatments.

Dr. Barile graduated in 1992 from Ross University School of Medicine, he is board certified in both Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. Dr. Barile completed his internship in Internal Medicine at Oakwood Hospital and his residency in Anesthesia at West Virginia University. Dr. Barile’s philosophy is simple; treat patients, staff and clients with kind professionalism and do good work. Dr. Barile talks to patients and clients as people and treats them like family.

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